In many societies today, being male and female is not as simple as it was 50 years ago.  Cultural and political shifts over the past 50 years have allowed and promoted self-questioning about sexual identity.  This has caused many to doubt their sexual identity, or  traditional views of sexual identity, and has lead them to self-define their sexual identity taking into consideration any number of cultural or political factors besides anatomical or biological evidence of gender.  If you struggle with issues about your sexual identity, these resources may help.

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This valuable series from Focus on the Family, has select, downloadable articles dealing with cultural and political issue in today's debate over traditional male and female designations.

freedom from homosexuality

There are many questions about the possibility of breaking free from homosexuality or homosexual behavior.  Whatever the reason might be, please search out this link for valuable information that can help you. By Focus on the Family.

sexual orientation and gender-identity laws jeopardizing freedom and rights

In society today, laws seem to be bending favorably toward the LGBT community, but jeopardizing the freedom and religious freedom of non-members of this community.  find the polemical discussions helpful in these articles by Focus on the Family.

understanding same-sex attraction

Same sex attraction is gaining attention in our society.  What is same-sex attraction?  Is it homosexuality?  some people have downplayed it as a mild form, but what is it rally.  Come find some helpful information from Focus on the Family.

when transgender issues enter your world

Focus on the Family provides another valuable tool in understanding issues dealing with transgenderism, and discussing these with your children and what they may be faced with in school.  This series is downloadable from their website.


This has been an ongoing debate about the origins or genesis of homosexuality.  Is it choice? Is one born Gay? Read some helpful articles in understanding this pertinent question in search for sexual identity.

what might a christian response to homosexuality look like

The Christian church has been unfavorably stereotyped as an institution that opposes Gays.  While Scripture does speak out against homosexuality, the Christian Church should not be against Gay people.  Some very interesting points are discussed on how churches can better understand Gays and break these stereotypes.

public restrooms:
your privacy and safety

Focus on the Family provides helpful articles on this issue of restroom safety and scare for some people.  Learn how you and your family can take precautions on a growing trend in public restrooms.

when a loved one says, "I'm Gay"

How might parents react if son or daughter "come out?"  Reactions vary.  When this happens in a Christian family, at times, there is denial, turmoil and rejection.  Focus on the Family has a series that delves into this question of what to do when a loved one says that he or she is Gay.

same sex attraction and leaving homosexuality

Can Gays actually leave the practice of homosexuality? Will same-sex attraction always be a secondary manifestation of homosexuality.  If you are struggling with these issues, this series help you.