Pastor Greg

Pastor Greg (upper right) and his wife, Becky, came to Grace, Pittsburg, in June 2017.  Appearing in the picture are Pastor Greg and Becky's children: Daria, and her husband Stephen, who live in West Palm Beach, Florida, Nicole who lives in Brooklyn, New York, and in the upper row, our son John, who lives in Los Angeles, California.  Greg  taught Spanish at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana for 10 years.  He also taught in the Missiology Department at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Prior to that, he was music minister at Suburban Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne, and interim pastor in an Hispanic congregation at Bethlehem Lutheran, in Fort Wayne.  He also studied in the PhD program in Ethnomusicology and Folklore. 

Aspirations for Grace: under God's leadership, we hope to build a true multi-ethnic congregation focusing on predominantly English=speaking, second-generation of a "third culture."

Becky is active in Bible study and organizing various church events.


Karla Siino

Meet our church office manager. Energetic and efficient, Karla attends to office and church matters, creates the Sunday bulletins, calls and members who may be ill and is sometimes "chauffeur" to some of the congregation members who cannot get around.  She is blessed with two children, Frank and Kaylyn, and her husband, Joe, who is vice president of the church council.


Steven Conlin

Steven Conlin is the church president and heads the church council.  Steve and his wife, Beverly, have been strong members of Grace for years.  They step up on multiple occasions when others cannot, helping in church activities and projects.  Beverly, heads the ladies sewing circle at church and actively plans church events and community ministries.



Joe is Vice President of the church council.  He and wife, Karla, church manager, are active in projects and support for church ministry.  Joe and Karla (church office manager) have two teen-age children and are untiring in their devotion to church and activities.


Tom Trice

Tom is our head elder.  He has served as elder for many years.  Tom and the rest of the elders support the pastor of the church, and carry out pastoral duties that need attention such as calling visitors, aiding those who are ill, making home visits, etc.  Their support is greatly appreciated by all at Grace.



Suzanne is our new treasurer.  Longtime member of Grace Lutheran, Suzanne has two children.  Justin, her oldest, has just graduated high school and is preparing to be a fireman.  Tyler is in confirmation class.  Gary, her husband, is dedicated to farming and remodeling their new home.  Both, Gary and Suzanne offer time and talents to church activities and outreach.



Bob is head trustee at Grace.  Everything and anything that needs fixing, he knows what to do.  At times, in a building over 75 years old, that is not easy.



Donna is head of the Altar Guild.  Believe me, if you want to know tradition and the correct procedure in anything dealing with symbolism and altar decor, she is the lady to see.


If you would like more information about our fellowship, want to visit, talk with the pastor or an elder, would like to be prayed for, or anything else please contact us.

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