Finding good and wholesome relationships can be difficult, even within your family circle sometimes.  If you have had problems finding good friends, lasting relationships, and getting along with your family


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Life Together: Practical tips on living as a family

Explore the rich and diverse context in which God defines families on earth and examine the behaviors and attitudes that characterize strong, healthy relationships. What's a family? That may be an easier question if you are a child than if you are an adult.  Ask a child, and the answer will probably be "the people I live with."  Ask an adult, and images of childhood and adulthood may all mix up bringing to mind several different kinds of family.

Parenting Families Practical Strategies for the Single Parent - family and relationships.jpg

practical strategies for the single parent

You are a single parent. Most likely you didn’t choose the circumstances that led up to this time in your life, but here you are—mom and dad rolled into one. Double the stresses. Double the issues. Double the frustrations. And then there is your child, catching you off guard and pushing your “buttons.” Even the smallest issues can turn into power struggles. What to do? Within the pages of this book, you’ll find answers.



Raising Your Children with Respect 30 Helpful Tips for Parents - family and relationships.jpg

Raising a family is hard work, especially in today’s world. Many external forces reach into our homes and influence our families, but studies still show that children look to their parents for guidance in the major areas of their lives. This booklet offers helpful tips for building a rewarding relationship with your children. You’ll find suggestions for opening up communication, stimulating creativity, and setting the right example, and raising your children with respect.

Parenting Families Practical Strategies for the Blended Family (6BE122) - family and relationships.jpg

Practical strategies for the Blended Family

Parenting within a blended family is especially difficult. How can you avoid letting the past fracture your future? At times it may even seem hopeless. But, take heart; it is possible to build a new family unit that stands strong against the assaults of the past. It requires a new way of thinking, a new way of approaching life together. Take a moment to read what’s inside this booklet.


Parents of Prodigals - family and relationships.jpg

Parents of prodigals

Have you ever known a parent who is experiencing a relationship standoff with a child? This booklet considers the impasse that leads the child to take flight—become prodigal—in his or her response to a grievous home situation. Love, forgiveness, and open arms are central to the answer, and though the parents may find these attributes hard to come by, with God all things are possible—even the longed-for return of a prodigal child.


Talking Openly with Kids Facing Today's Tough Issues - family and relationships.jpg

There are scores of books for new parents or parents of toddlers, but none of these will prepare you for communicating with your pre-teen on the issues of peer pressure, sex, drugs, violence and death. Recognizing the signs of trouble in your children as well as understanding your own nonverbal messages are two areas necessary for establishing effective communication patterns. This booklet offers practical advice on how and when to address these subjects with your children.

Parenting Families Practical Strategies for the Family Life - family and relationships.jpg

practical strategies for family life

Life as a parent has its great moments… joy, pride, and more love than you thought possible. Parenting has its low moments too… times of loneliness, frustration, and some days more heartache than you thought possible. If you are tired of trying trendy how-to strategies that only prove to fall short, discover the life-changing approach to parenting found within the pages of this booklet.


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Parenting with a purpose

Without a doubt, parenting is hard. Yet, you wouldn’t trade it for the world. Between busy schedules you may find yourself lost in such a whirlwind of immediacy that you lose focus. How can you love and protect your children in the best way? How do you parent them with purpose? Inside this booklet, you’ll discover practical insights to strengthen the way you relate to your children—helping you find the Christ-centered rhythm God intends for you and your family.